Day One at the IFMR Capital MFI Workshop

29th April marked an extremely informative and stimulating start to this year’s MFI workshop on ‘New Sources of Financing for Microfinance Institutions’.

A ‘Tappawala’ story

An article in The Hindu a few months back by P. Sainath stated that migrants from Ganjam staying in Surat send home Rs.400 crore a year.

CGAP Interview – Bindu on Financial Inclusion

Jim Rosenberg, Communications Officer for the CGAP (Consultative Group to Assist the Poor)  Technology Program, recently interviewed Bindu about how the financial system in India might be configured to…

Coffee and conversations

When you hold that cup of freshly brewed coffee where does that aromatic smell take you? What does that coffee remind you of?  You might not be alone when…

Financial Inclusion in the Hills

Including the poor into the formal financial system has been hard despite numerous and sustained efforts. The difficulty in achieving inclusion attains a whole new meaning in hills and…

Workshop on Measuring Access to Finance

Given the scope of Microfinance in India, it is imperative to measure access and impact of finance to understand its benefits and challenges.