Barriers in delivering finance

Though India has deep financial infrastructure comprising a large number of bank and post-office branches; agricultural cooperative societies; and, now, micro finance institutions; there still remain gaps that have…

Financing Public Infrastructure in Rural India

Gram panchayats in India are independent, constitutional bodies of governance that operate at the level closest to the people or the grass-roots.

A new partner for MFIs arrives

Puneet Gupta is restless and visibly excited. The last ten days have been the culmination of many days’ efforts in creating access to finance to deserving high quality Microfinance…

The Case for Small Banks

In what could become a welcome trend, the RBI has started putting out detailed discussion notes on future policy steps.

KGFS pilots pension product

With an objective to provide a long term savings option to its customers, KGFS has added NPS-Lite (New Pension Scheme) to its product portfolio.

IFMR Capital rated LA- by ICRA

IFMR Capital has been assigned a long-term-rating of LA- (pronounced L A minus) for its debt programmes by ICRA. The…

Is SHG model better than microfinance?

Finance Matters column in The Hindu Business Line – Farzana Najeeb of Advocacy writes the fifth article in the series.

Getting some facts straight in microfinance

The recent controversy surrounding the microfinance sector has entirely eclipsed the fact that it is the first effort in India to have delivered financial services to remote corners of…