Technology Advisory Group for Unique Projects submits report

The Technology Advisory Group for Unique Projects (TAGUP), which was set up by the Ministry of Finance in June 2010 under the chairmanship of UIDAI Chairman, Nandan Nilekani, recently…

Managing risks in microfinance

Microfinance institutions (MFIs) essentially act as financial intermediaries, bridging the gap between mainstream financial institutions and low-income households for a specific type of credit need that is short-term and…

Technology to the rescue of MFIs

[Artoo Slate is a software solution designed for microfinance field staff that takes the entire process of data collection and loan disbursement online.

Who should govern NBFCs?

Does the RBI’s claim to regulate NBFC (MFIs) have more merit than Federal state governments’ claims? An analysis of constitutional provisions by Vishnu Peri, IFMR Mezzanine Finance.

Where is the Ponzi scheme?

We have recently read comments on various blogs which suggest that MFIs are comparable to Ponzi schemes. These bloggers suggest that once new MFI loan disbursements slow down, borrowers…

MFIs, markets need each other

The goal of an investment professional is to maximise the risk-adjusted return on the overall portfolio through diversification within and across asset classes.