Making money transfers work for migrants

Gopal G., a native of West Bengal, moved to Delhi 14 years ago to find a job to support his 11-member family. In Delhi, he works with a goldsmith,…

Scarcity & Bounty: Psychology of the Harvest

Self-control problems can be consequential for the well-off; examples include failures to eat or live healthy, or save enough for retirement.

Historical data, vital to design

Households slip into “bad states of the world” due to several reasons, including accident or death of the earning member, medical emergency of a family member, poor or excess…

Banks can do more on the Business Correspondent front

G E Balajee, IFMR Blog Team in conversation with Abhishek Sinha, CEO, Eko India Financial Services Private Limited on the Business Correspondent model, its challenges and prospect.

Options for low-income households

A defining characteristic of the finances of low-income households is the irregularity and seasonality of cash-flows, and the generally small surplus.