A Paradigm for Suitability: Part I

This post aims to establish the conceptual justification for why suitability should form the central principle underlying consumer protection in India. The following posts in the three part series…

Unemployment Insurance – Hungary and Poland

As part of our series on Unemployment Support in India, this blog post explores the unemployment insurance schemes in Hungary and Poland.

74th Amendment and Local Governments in India

This is the beginning of a series of blogs on the Municipal Finance scenario in India. In the first post we look at the 74th Constitutional Amendment Act, the…

Designing a financial product for paddy farmers

How can we design a financial product for a farmer that is exactly suited to his requirement? The answer lies in understanding the utilisation of the product.

Consumer Finance Innovations in India

Nachiket Mor and Bindu Ananth were invited by Columbia University to share some of our thinking and work on consumer finance in India.