Municipal Finance – Functionaries

Following the posts on Functions of ULBs and Municipal Funds as part of the Municipal Finance blog series, this post provides an overview of functionaries at ULBs, explains why…

Notes from IFMR Capital’s Investor Seminar meet

Recently IFMR Capital hosted its third Investor Seminar in Mumbai. The theme of the seminar was ‘Risk Underwriting in Asset Classes that Impact Low-Income Households’.

Unemployment Support in East Asia

his post is a continunation of our series of posts on Unemployment Support in India. The below post borrows heavily from Kamimura’s “Employment structure and Unemployment insurance in East Asia

IFMR Capital Arranges Largest Mosec Transaction

IFMR Capital recently closed its largest securitisation transaction till date, MosecTM 21. It was an INR 65 crore transaction backed by a pool of 50,000 micro loans.

Municipal Finance – Funds

As part of our series on Municipal Finance, this blog post discusses the present state of municipal finances by taking an in-depth look at municipal revenue and expenditure in…

A Paradigm for Suitability: Part III

The previous post covered the process of “Suitability” in financial services. Here, we cover aspects of the legal and regulatory structure that will aid in establishing an effective Suitability…

Indian Corporate Debt Markets – The Demand-Side issues

In this post we analyze the demand-side issues that the Indian corporate debt market wrestles with. Our previous post highlighted the supply-side roadblocks in the development of long term…